Ozane (Villanueva del Fresno) There is also a clause to allow performers to renegotiate contracts with record labels after 50 years.
Hasak (Gainneville) The new laws create a fund for musicians who signed away their rights when a recording was made.
Biggart (Mecca) Regulations approved on Monday extended copyright on sound recordings from 50 to 70 years.
Junke (Kotor-Varos) The report says the Afghan government has failed to hold the militias properly to account.
Heineken (Secondigny) Initially peaceful, the mood changed when hooded protesters joined the demonstration and clashed with police.
Kiger (Grumento Nova) Analysts have cast doubt on whether the Chinese government will approve the investments.
Attilio (Padilla) However, these deals have not yet had regulatory approval in either Sweden or China.
Haroun (Bugac) It has been struggling with falling sales and was forced to suspend production in April.
Paleo (Tintigny) It is understood the deceased are a man and woman in their 50s, who were from the area.
Benken (Antwerp) The car is believed to have contained a gas cylinder and it was feared this would explode.
Eisman (Fentange) Police believe some may have been held for as long as 15 years.
Vanoort (Faverolles-sur-Cher) Police have appealed for help and asked anyone with any information to contact them in confidence.
Gofman (Xalmimilulco) The men who chose to leave were British and two were Romanian.
Salb (Zuerich (Kreis 8) / Muehlebach) The others range between these ages.
McCallun (Horselgau) The oldest and youngest men are British are are respectively 57 and 30.
Vias (Adjud) The woman will be questioned further following the birth of her child which is imminent.
Minugh (Berlin) A pregnant woman, who was also arrested, has been released on bail.
Timi (Ansongo) Four men were arrested when the victims, suspected of being kept against their will, were found.
Gallian (Garches) Some plan is much better than the republican plan of let them eat cake.
Holbrooks (Tiefenbach) It has failed every country in the past and is a colossal failure right now.
Bitzer (Paterna de Rivera) They certainly will not pass his bill without changes.
Neidiger (Aomen) I doubt they will arrogantly tell him to pass this bill, right away.
Buehl (Sinaia) The single best thing for business would be to repeal the job killing health care law.
Quintero (Weida) But I'd give him a chance.
Garand (Santa Clara La Laguna) Too many people applying for disability who don't need it.
Laundry (Koktobe) There are too many free loaders in the country right now.
Catena (Jaclupan) That may be true if you can get many to go to work.
Boehning (Bush) Turkey and other meats should also be properly refrigerated or frozen and leftovers heated.
Higney (Claremont) Government officials say even contaminated ground turkey is safe to eat if cooked to 165 degrees.
Hinnant (Punahana) Salmonella causes most of these illnesses.
Leonti (Karadaglije) The recall covers products made Aug. 23 and 24.
Golia (Warroad) Just a cartoon that I remember I am not pushing anything it was funny then and is still funny too remember now.
McAnallen (Blaye) It was unclear exactly where the blast occurred.
Maniatis (Muhlau) According to multiple French media reports, one person was killed and several more injured in the blast.
McEachern (Mayskiy) It was not immediately clear how serious the accident was.
Vernon (Lakheri) A Jana spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Higgins (Coralici) She did not identify the sources.
Gibbens (Brinje) The victim on the ferry were the “bread winners” for their families.
Fullwiler (Hasnon) Every person on the island has a friend or a family member directly affected from this senseless disaster.
Monro (Paradahan) Village fishermen arrived at the accident scene in the early hours of Saturday morning to rescue passengers.
Mott (Bludov) Our hope to get survivors is very small, but we expect to get more bodies, he said.
Brombach (Petrovo-Dal'neye) He has often rallied against the country's white minority, whom he accuses of being criminals.
Steinmiller (Anstruther) I cannot take him seriously.
Galapon (Chatillon-sur-Cher) You cannot have it both ways.
Roarty (Bleiswijk) Shove this leech in a cell somewhere dark where he can no longer get his grubby hands on my money.
Saville (Kahama) Back in 2005 he caught flak from a Christian evangelical group because its leader thought he was gay.
Rangasammy (Kirtipur) Back in 2005 he caught flak from...
Lyster (Cardenas) Afghan forces take photographs of a Taliban fighter's body in Kandahar on May 9.
Bechler (Ushumun) He declined to provide any details.
Rzeszutko (Fonseca) The threat of jailing delinquent parents is intended to coerce them to pay, but in rare cases it can have tragic results.
Sjoberg (Columbus) The hearings often take only 15 seconds.
Dwelle (Dimako) When he took the oath of office, Kennedy was the youngest ever to be elected to the presidency.
Tilson (Nanteuil-le-Haudouin) Moments later, Kennedy would be fatally shot in the head by a gunman.
Eveland (Zacapoaxtla) Embassy in Austria on June 3, 1961.
Lesueur (Korosten') She skips dinner and takes a nap.
Sontag (Alice Castello) For the first time, she became one of her husband’s most visible assets.
Winik (Mabunga) Among the administration figures she admires are Robert F.
Plemel (Appoigny) She credits Joseph P.
Loverink (Orbec) In some cases, they were in danger of being fired.
Sherbondy (Hisor) She insists she got her opinions from her husband.
Lacourse (Bambang) She suggests the couple never really had a fight.
Traczyk (Madhyamgram) She presents herself as adoring, eager for his approval and deeply moved by the man.
Etsitty (Turkheim) But advocates for the poor say some are wrongly locked up.
Furubotten (Malov) That is no comfort to Miller, the Iraq war veteran who was jailed for three months.
Hevesy (Elk River) So I did not know what rights I had.
Jakovac (Marinhais) And I was never read my rights.
Tyon (Hillsboro) Military veterans, who often struggle to find work when they leave the service, appear to be particularly at risk.
Hilsabeck (San Paolo Bel Sito) Most observers believe that number has risen as a result of the troubled U.S. economy.
Duett (Marg`ilon) But an analysis of U.S.
Bemrose (Bagnasco) Critics of incarceration without representation had hoped that the U.S.
Knuteson (Bardowick) Jump to discussion More than 100 burnt to death in Kenya gas fire, ...
Vanness (Vicente Noble) The country plans to roll out digital mail to 1.45 million households as early as year’s end.
Rodreguez (Malesina) But only about 15 percent of consumer bills and statements are delivered exclusively online.
Baltimore (Saint-Jean-de-Gonville) The inevitable can’t come quickly enough for some companies.
Morring (Cuitzeo) But that hasn't stopped drivers from doing it.
Kirven (Fraga) So keep kids and pets away from the home office and its paper shredder.
Topia (Aberdeen) Parents should be careful not to leave a dead button battery within a child's reach when putting a new battery in a device.
Bidner (Famagusta) The batteries can get stuck in children’s throats where they can cause severe chemical burns.
Talkington (Mayodan) Also, it's not just baby monitors that present this strangulation danger.
Ludeker (Thompson Falls) Staff at the plant reacted to the accident according to planned procedures, the watchdog said.
Mounger (Franklin) It did not immediately give a reason for the blast but said it was completely contained within the furnace.
Stablein (Bagdadi) The site does not house any nuclear reactors.
Ledin (Beaufort) The panel's top Republican wasn't happy about it.
Sydney (Serrinha) There's also new spending to hire teachers and rebuild schools, among other things.
Bergeman (Pace) Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
Snachez (Isola Vicentina) And yet, there was a 2.8% increase in diaper rash cream, despite fewer babies.
Tesch (Kingston) But some economists say the effort carries risks.
Beirne (Stockstadt am Main) She also stressed that the trio shared their proceeds equally among them.
Theisen (Chebli) He was released on 1 September this year.
Dewaele (Saint-Marc-Jaumegarde) Upon the completion of his prison sentence in June this year, he was deported to Singapore.
Petula (Nonthaburi) He was arrested in Malaysia in May this year and subsequently deported to Singapore.
Moralas (Bang Saphan) He was arrested in November last year and subsequently deported to Singapore.
Aldi (Spanaway) As the haze continues, the number of respiratory cases here is expected to rise.
Doniel (Alpenrod) Eastern Singapore remains within the good range, with a reading of 48.
Lomedico (Mataporquera) The worst hit are the northern and western parts of Singapore.
Bardis (Zacualpan) Bystanders covered their mouths to avoid choking on the acrid smoke.
Ritchotte (Nozhay-Yurt) Police have placed a net across the stream to prevent the bodies from drifting away.
Eckerson (Araruama) I have seen women and children burnt like firewood.
Welter (Milford) The whale is entering the rehabilitation facility because her injuries are too severe to withstand the rigors of the wild.
Juengling (El Cerrito) Marine mammal experts and a veterinarian are accompanying the whale.

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